What Social Work Got Right and Why It's Needed for our [Technology] Evolution

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In Systems Architecting there two are methodologies...
JoseAntonio Vanderhorst-Silverio
In Systems Architecting there two are methodologies one that fits and one that doesn’t fit the collaborative model. I have used both: the heuristic methodology to define the transformation towards a North Star and the participative methodology to manage the transition to the North Star. I wonder if social work fits more on development and fix and maintain rather than transformation or transition. As an eample, please consider the post The Energy Miracle is here with the #BG_NS narrative.
Relevant to sister fields
Stephanie Martinez
Fantastic piece, and one that should be considered similarly through the lens of sister fields such as public health. I wonder what the overarching, radical solution could be to bringing together the data/tech world with all the other worlds in which it is used.
New Discussion on Jul 17
John Robertson
Sawyer does a great job at developing the central role of client participation in program design including designs to interpret and use data. Her focus on adaptive systems rather than command systems in spot on. I would ask her in her own work, how many direct end users, what social worker call clients, people who have actually experience homelessness are on the design team. What is the right number 60%, 40%, 20%, 1 person? Here we are in the deep woods of what we are actually talking about in participatory design.