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Example: Pub Formatting

Published onDec 02, 2017
Example: Pub Formatting

Optional Abstract

The text for the optional abstract should be italicized and divided from the body of the piece with a horizontal line.

Layout of the article text is determined by authors.

Section titles can be formatted in two sizes:



To insert items into the text (citations, footnotes, images, code, discussions, videos, etc.), type a forward slash and an options box will appear.

Citations appear in the text line [1]. Please copy and paste a source’s bibtex, DOI, wikidata url, or bibjson in the citation box for proper formatting.

Footnotes appear as superscript numbers in the text line1. Please use these for comments and informal references to other work.

Left justified.
Right justified.

Insertions such as images and video can appear centered, right justified, left justified, and extending to the margins of the page.


Please include an attribution for your images and graphics, as well as a caption when possible.


Citation lists should appear at the end of the piece.


A brief bio note can appear at the end of the document. Longer, more thorough biographical information and links to previously published work should be provided in the author’s PubPub profile.

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