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The Truth Will Set Us Free: A Paradigm to End Reductionism According to Girls

Essay Competition Winner

Published onJul 16, 2018
The Truth Will Set Us Free: A Paradigm to End Reductionism According to Girls

Unbeknownst to the scientific community, a secret society of female scientists and artists have been developing the intelligence needed to save the world from self-destruction.  In their effort to determine nature’s truth, they unleashed themselves from orthodox beliefs, defied 5000 years of male ascribed doctrine and trusted the patterns their female instrument was perceiving… the rest will change history.  This essay releases the first  findings  of this experiment. Operation “reboot truth”  begins now.


Could the comparison of the girl mind to the boys be the most damaging act of reductionism ever?  Was this a fatal blow to universal truth?  So extreme that it collapsed not only female consciousness but derailed human actualization and downgraded our reality from a multiverse of vast creative expansion to a oppressive time-space trap?   Did it confound the very meaning of what it means to be fully alive - so much so that deprivation became the status quo?  And is  deciphering  “the female mind”  ground zero of recovery and prosperity?  These questions ignited twelve years of  experiments, and the answers are yes, yes, yes, yes.

Systematic Reductionism: A Comprehensive Explanation  

As the male titans of technology while away hours pondering philosophical questions such as “Can A.I. surpass the intellectual functioning of the human species?”, we here at team Girlapproved would like to refocus everyone’s energy on a more urgent, immediate, and practical issue: “How to recover humanity’s full mental functioning whilst there’s still time left to save critical human thought and societal well-being”. 

The majority of the data required to reactivate economic and cultural growth remains unwritten - locked away in the deep recesses of our inner mind. These recesses contain universal knowledge that technology has yet to decipher.  Deploying widespread A.I. systems prior to cracking these cosmic codes could electronically lobotomize society, debilitating our capacity for critical thought.  Will tech become a weapon of mass human oppression or a tool of liberation?  Humanity is standing at  crossroad.  This paper hopes to inspiring an intelligence intervention. Do we reactivate the human mind and take control of the beautiful creatures nature has designed, or do we become the slaves of a reductionist self, giving the controls to a pile of circuit boards in the process?  

This paper hopes to make vividly evident the risk of subjugation ahead.  We will describe how a series of unintended consequences locked our species in a perpetual “data loss” vortex, which has infiltrated itself into human culture and even the human epigenome.  As an antidote to system-wide  collapse,  we proposes an expanded operating paradigm of human intelligence, one that provides greater control over our actualization as individuals and as a collective species.

Finally—and frankly about time—this essay flips the girls and STEM narrative. Today one of the most politically-vogue concerns is girls falling behind in STEM. We show that the female resistance to man-designed STEM was a biologically fit reaction In the end, it was science that needed girls to achieve the next radical breakthrough - a higher level of truth

Every idea presented here was  empirically discovered by a global all-girl scientific peer group - using the most underestimated instrument in history: the highly sensitive, expressive, female intuition. Females have been dedicated students  of male  thought for  several  Millennia -  thank you men for your  commitment and service. It is now “Ladies’ Turn” to  pitch in ,and provide  men  a map to the next frontier of the scientific unknown.

"Truth is my art," Heidi Dangelmeier | TEDxBushwick

Systemic Reduction From Self to Scientific Stuff

Given all of the struggles humanity faces - socially, psychologically, economically and environmentally - where can we turn for feasible solutions?  For thousands of years humanity has relied on two paradigms of intelligence for navigating our existence: science and spirituality. Regardless of good intentions both sources have failed to produce the practical toolset required to put humanity on a steady upward path.

Why? Because neither paradigm gave humanity a proper operating manual on how to use the most powerful technology ever created - our very own mind.  What goes on within heads remained a black box, with no objective mechanism to describe its activities and purpose. As the expression goes, use it or lose it - and so we have, in a reductive sense.  Our biological systems learned to lie to themselves and defy their integrity, human reductionism became  self-imposed. 

For those of you thinking mediation is the operating manual -  meditation teaches us to quiet the mind, rather than use it as a perceptual tool for harvesting causal objective data about reality. As for therapy, this is used for diagnosing and modifying our reactions to our environment.  Both paradigms focus on humans they do not to diagnose our environments so we can re-engineer them. A thousand vomiting girls will lead to an investigation of food poisoning, a thousand crying girls will not,  Tears have inspired a rash of Pharmaceutical innovations targeted at modulating human responses, but never were girl’s tears used as indicators of  “ toxic cultural design'.


Reduction of Self | Self Deception

But what’s a little knowledge loss anyway, you ask?  Not all data is consequentially equivalent. Given all technologies mother nature created, it was the human brain that has received the profound evolutionary dedication.  No part of it’s finely tuned algorithms should be dismissed lightly, nor should the intelligence it produces. Forgetting the name of a cat will have no biological impact, but forgetting you are severely allergic to cats could trigger life-threading asthma. Unfortunately, the “asthma class” of knowledge is what fills the vast areas of consciousness.

The aspect of our mind that lacks a proper guidebook contains the most serious information for regulating the functioning of our entire being.  Our ability to discern healthy  from harmful got contaminated and confounded.  The awareness of our own needs has  been overwritten, as we spent our energies seeking targets that gave us no vitality.     Losing this innate  intelligence has made us vulnerable to profound psychological and physical attacks.  Chillingly, it has so severely hijacked “self-protective” thought  we  often inflict as much damage on ourself as the external environment does.   We are losing the means to act in our own self interest.


Reductionism & Artifacts | Created Agents of Deprivation

These implosive dynamics did not remain isolated within the human, but have infused themselves into the cellular codes of twenty first century culture.    Since the human mind is the instrument that has designed and manifested all human artifacts, any error or compromise here, at the very spark of ingenuity, would inseparably weave its ways into all things. The mind is the tool we use to form hypotheses, to analyze, to innovation, to design,  and to curate our civilization.  It is the instrument that decides the fate of human knowledge and human life. It determines the orthodoxy of who we are allowed to be; what we are to strive for; what is relevant, valuable, moral, legal, and even which version of reality  runs each  nations  operating system.

Much of what we have christened as the orthodoxy of progress is a world of artifacts that were conceived and designed without full understanding of nature. And what is the net impact ?  It has put human beings at constant war with our innate potential and basic biological fitness — marching on a path to extinction. Man-made agents of reductionism have become  so endemic they witnessed in things as as banal as google search, a job application form , and even a hashtag slogan. Every day, we as members of modern culture accommodate a vast number of needless, unhealthy attacks on our capacity to exercise judgment. 

It is not just consumer and communication  artifacts  that have been  tainted, but the very mechanisms we use to design these things. The mind is also the instrument behind mankind’s most prized tools and algorithms, including  science and engineering. Even the scientific method is a victim of man-made reductionism. When humans institutionalized this method we put a inorganic cap on the capabilities and effectiveness of consciousness. Yes. even the tool that is supposed to make us the smartest species is, in fact, impeding our own development.

Unlike other crimes against humanity that have specific targets — racism, anti-Semitism, war, violence, and sexual assault — the violation on the human mind is universal.  Even the creators and advocates  of science and spirituality are stuck in a cycle of self harm. . But of all groups, one segment  historically has been dealt the hardest blow to our potential, and for the longest time — females.

Tragically the most aggressive form of female reductionism is now self inflicted.   Widespread concepts like feminism idealize the male mind, male ingenuity  male dogma and celebrate the mimicry  of  male  accomplishments  and ideals.  It may be more accurate to say females are obsessed with “manism”  equating themselves to males. 

For everyone who still believe that science is objective: the scientific method itself was  conceived by men,  constructed by men, approved  and institutionalized by men.  The unrestrained female mind largely remains an untapped, intellectual resource, and potentially the most original contribution to the frontiers of scientific thought and innovation in today’s world.

Whilst men are looking to machines to end reductionism the singularity humankind actual needs is not artificial at all ,  but organic, and it starts with reclaiming of the female mind.  The untapped female mind can provide not only a silver bullet for ending reductionism, it can ignite a  renaissance of human intelligence and creativity.

To understand the series of events that led to this discovery it is imperative to learn how the Girlapproved Experiment came about, and how it was empirically executed and deployed into market trials.

 Operation Reboot Girl Brain Begins

My name is Heidi.  I am not a boy. I am a girl.  I have over 15 years of formal education in science, technology and engineering. I’m also a mass-appeal designer; my innovations range from new consumer products to brands and technology. I’ve helped many of the world’s largest corporations find concealed global growth. 

My personal migration from SCIENTIST” to “TEAM GIRL SCIENTIST” started in my twenties. I had made it to the top of a male-dominated field. I won a full PhD scholarship to Princeton to explore the link between Quantum Physics and Artificial Intelligence. My days were spent collaborating with the world’s most brilliant minds. In conventional metrics, I had risen to aspirational heights for a woman, but my reality was the opposite. I could not participate in science without being at war with either my mind or my classmates.   

I was constantly posing questions that I got criticized for asking  “Is the design of the lab rats’ cage causing the animals to be depressed, negatively impacting the accuracy of the studies?” or “Why can’t people in the prisoner’s dilemma get along”.  I became concerned that “intention”  and “meaning” were  missing from model of nature.“  Mechanically speaking, science dictates that kissing my dog is the same as kissing a date,   but in actually these two are spawned  fundamentally different drives”  My inquiries would be answered with either a reminder that this is neither the design nor the philosophy department.

Science Accidentally Groomed University to Repress Girls’ Brains

 I often received concerned invitations to career counseling, lest I be pursuing an ill-suited professional path for my intellectual proclivities. Since I had no mathematical language to describe my  internal reality and the patterns and causality I felt was self-evident truth,  my experience of nature was at odds with the models of nature. The scientific method was pitting me against my own mind - all feedback systems displayed as: do not trust what you think. 

Unwittingly Science groomed Princeton to reject my  academic full potential..  Science also  taught my male peers that they should be able to perceive everything I perceive.  Cynicism  trained them to reject ideas that fell outside their cognitive and perceptual range, dismissing them as personal.  I was faced with a double-blind choice.  I either stop challenging accepted science, avoid conflicts, and get more papers published, essentially repressing my observations and silencing my curiosity, or I choose my truth and become ostracized from the academic community. 

Do I could shrink to fit — reductionism —  or do i find a place where my thinking can be expressed -  expansionism. I left Princeton. Fortunately my “unorthodox mind” had a knack at inventing consumer technology products that females loved.  My natural skills could at least could  provide joy to the female market.   I sought intellectual refuge with capitalists.  

Science Became The Ringmaster of Reductionism When it Leaked Into Economics and as it Leaked into Design 

Flash forward five years, a dozen successful tech inventions commissioned by global corporations,  was  was self-realizing?  No!  The deprivation dynamics I experienced at Princeton could be witnessed manifesting in tech, tech products, tech standards and even my beloved techie friends.  It was codified in research, chip design, performance metrics,  consumer testing methods, best practices, and especially industry prizes. 

By that time I  had enough hands-on experience to know that I was not the problem.  What changed from Princeton?  At Princeton I was a lonely “bit”of data - a statistically in-significant sample set waiting to be validated.   But now I had objective market validation!  My female-tarted innovations repeatedly sold and scaled globally This gave me the confidence  to ask  was “His” concept of objective reality only true if “He” was the instrument doing the experiments?  

 To my great advantage,  I was the only girl on the scene with both advanced scientific training as well as hands-on mass-market product innovation  (by now I had extended beyond consumer tech).  This gave me both a birds-eve systems view as well underbelly working of  consumer culture   And what did i see?  A viral takeover of bad data.

Oversight in science had leaked into the highest levels of economics, marketing, design. The entire simultaneous collapse of retail, economics,  mental health, and  inequality had a root flaw .  The system bugs were obvious, predictive and easy decode if you happen to be on “TEAM GIRLAPPROVED” — Science, creativity and  the missing dimensions of human brain where entangled, and  each was dragging the other down.

When I tell my STEM peers that I love mass-appeal innovation, they condescendingly quip ‘Why’s a smart girl like you interested in American malls? “In their mind, there are serious topics such as “Post-quantum cryptography” that deserve attention as opposed to the mindless junk that makes-up everyday American culture.  This thinking is scientifically misguided.  These men are not living isolated in an indigenous rainforest, they are just as much a product of the consumer world as the “layperson”.  Over 85% of what negatively impacts our genetics is driven by environmental factors (i.e. everyday culture).    They have yet to realize that what we create, in turn. creates us. Even one’s grasp of objective reality can be skewed by the culture you were raised in - Western Society included.   

On the opposite team are the culture makers, the manufacturers, marketers, techies, and retail chaps whose careers pivot on mass - sale goods. When I mention science, I see immediately eyes roll “We need practical actionable data; we have no time for that theoretical stuff with Fall Season to plan.”  Makers have long forgotten that the entire supply chain system (forecasting, market valuations, growth strategies, design methods, ergonomics, and consumer research) have data roots in scientific modeling. If scientific measurements have a blind spot/bias, then so does the entire strategic underpinning of mass-market retail and manufacturing. 

It would be easy to blame males but the real culprit is matter-domination and  not understanding field dynamics.  . About this time my education with Quantum physics was starting to kick in.   Maybe what made me different was my interest in living systems.. the fields.  The industry was build on science which was built on matter physics, which is insufficient to describe living systems. As everyone is struggling, searching for growth, they have yet to the the growth blindspot they share with science!    

“What is 96% of reality/space made up of? I am not sure.

Astronomer magazine

How big’s that reductionist blindspot you ask?  A shocking 96%!  Scientific models only capture a mere 4% of nature’s reality!   Our super-advanced culture was built on a pauper’s understanding of life, and this error is creating havoc everywhere. When it comes to understanding what strategies and creative implementations will drive market growth, scientific-based metrics are dangerously flawed. They have been feeding businesses erroneous data for years.

How did our best minds create a 4% science? Modern science was instituted with the arrival of the scientific method which began approximately two hundred years ago. This method was an effort by a committee of men to advance the quality of knowledge society used. Their goal was to create a universal standard for describing nature and “objective truth.” They declared our five senses to be the “only” trustworthy means by which mankind could perceive universal knowledge. They crowned physical matter the essence of nature, proclaiming that all important questions could be answered using the truths and physical laws that govern matter.  Time and space were named the metrics that govern the entire universe, including the human mind and psyche.  

In the past, if a rational modern-thinking man wanted to predict growth, develop competitive strategies, eliminate risk, or optimize performance, scientific-based methods could safely be relied on.  This measurement paradigm laid the foundations of consumerism from Wall Street to Walmart to,   “What a girl should want” 


Reductionism is Making Economics Act Against Its Own Growth

Business much like people could suffer from this reductive-imprinting .without access to the mind’s inner-codes mind, even the most financial motivated segment of humanity loose major bank when self-interest and  self-destructive get swapped.  Even reed not immune to this imperious force.

Science’s “northern-star predictive precision” has stopped producing the big bucks.  Today, business owners are faced with discontent employees, low prediction rates, fledgling sales, and stinging pressure to keep reducing prices. Things are grim!  So what about the the valued female customer?  She certainly owns more “consumer goods”  than ever! But is she happy?  Nope!   

Speaking of women, where were they during the scientific revolution?  A seldom mentioned fact is that ladies were denied access and sat out the very  design of modern science out. Why?  The “rational” men of science  believed that the female’s sensitive  constitution made women an unreliable source of objective data (cough! snuff! ). female instrument was well, inferior/bias/flawed and prone to subjectivity, and delusion.  It was believed that our “emotionally fueled ” nature made us weaker perceptual instruments, prone to confusing subject reality with objective rational thought. To that end the male instrument was the only tool used to institutionalize the foundations of science.Women were not involved in the creation of the "language" and "rules" of modern science. (Thank you age of reason). movements, like religion, age of reason were not very good PR agents for female awesome skill

Science also denounced all “feminine” non-physical aspects of life. Concepts like Intuition, feelings, sensation sensuality, spirituality and enlightenment were dismissed as subjective, immeasurable, and often irrational; these notions fell outside the domain of serious scholarly scientific endeavors.  It was not just women but any men of spirit, artistic inclination took an intellectual pay cut.

When women entered the rules of workforce they accepted on faith man’s scientific paradigm of reality and truth  Implicitly females have been endorsing the masculine biased science.    To that end, females have had to defer to male's vision of the world, his concept of human potential, his ideas of success, his understanding of cause and effect, his description of reality, his scientific model of how nature word.   Basically, he was god.   How is that female-free thinking working out?  Not so well , the best males scientist know  something was missing..

Reductionism Means No One Wins—Even Science

Today, hundreds of scientific papers are heralding the end of materialism. Science is reversing its former claims, declaring the non-physical is actually the primary essence of life.  Scientist from across disciplines are starting to warn society that physical matter is not all that “matters”.  Contrary to the claims of the scientific revolution, scientist are now pondering if feelings, intuition,  art and consciousness  (the non-physical stuff science chucked out )  may be more critical to understanding the essence of  nature  than physical matter.  

To  understanding  behaviors of everything from particles and the animal kingdom to human nature, t he field of science itself is shifting 180 degrees. Time and space are even being reconsidered.  Are they part of reality?  Or, are they just tools that the human mind created to navigate our world?  Despite sciences’ new found interest in the non-physical, the men are still treading water and do not have the practical tools to describe this missing dimension, the scientific method still reigns. 

Makers,  Investors, distributors, managment  have  all put their trust in a defective growth roadmap” Or at least a roadmap that has long expired.   The physical sciences gave humanity phenomenal advances - transportations systems, energy systems, communications systems we’ve even replaced parts of our own physical body.  Material optimizations have enabled society to make and distribute almost everything cheaper and faster than ever before.  Yet despite all these measurable gains, science simply could never give us the data to adequately answers life’s most elemental questions:  Who am I?  What is my potential and how do I optimize myself?  “What do humans need to feel fulfilled, valued, and know that their life has purpose?   Without first resolving these primary questions, all cultural had no deterministic guiding light.  Where do the answers to these questions reside?


Science and Economics and Design Need to Crack the Same Code

Ironically understanding  the prime movers of nature and human nature bring the scientist and mass-market makers back to the same table again.  To open up the fourth  wave industrial revolution both fields must model the murky subconscious depths of the human mind.  Despite years of trying,  physical science has failed to produce a cause and effect description of everyday human behaviors.  Our highly predictable logical-rational minds do govern our behaviors when we’re at the brink of survival (in dire need of food/shelter), but under normal conditions, the conscious-logical brain is not what dictates our feelings, reactions, yearning, choices and emotional wellbeing.

Human drive and motivation has baffled scientists and defied their modeling principles. Science has yet to fathom the actual relationship and interaction between humans and the external world.  We have no universal framework to describes how “what we design” impacts, modifies and redesigns ourselves. This means any science of consumerism that could be productive to society would have to also be  corrective

Science’s 96% error blinded every aspect of retail, marketing, and manufacturing  from  understanding what it needed to create or modify to trigger sales and groth    Simple questions became hard to answer.  “What design change will make this bag more desirable?  “How do I curate from the million options and stock only products that will sell” and “Will this ad attract people or piss them off” Every part of the retail chain lacked the directional intelligence required to know how to confidently growth market share.  Regardless, the show must go on and next fall season is due.


False Data and False Identities: The New Face of Reductions

So, how can you make money when your business has no clear problem to solve?   Obviously, create artificial ones, and hope they fly? To compensate for lack of hard facts our industry has created all sorts of compensational tricks to manipulate demand — it manufactured needs, monopolized shelf space, underwrote celebrities endorsement, made “flash sales” and limited time only — scarcity threats. etc. It fabricated social pressure with seasonal trends, it stalked our media.

Desperate to make money companies selling solutions to made up problems, make up crisis, made up identities  made up needs, These gimmicks were all work-around hacks to compensate for a giant strategic obstacle —  not knowing with reasonable certainty what the market truly desires… In the end, you can’t ignore or fool mother nature.  What unintended consequence in meddling with peoples’ desires?  What cost did we pay by  belittling the importance of human feeling. Modern science  has allow us to live longer, but did allow us to feel more alive?  No.  The World Health Organization has now named mental illness the leading health risk.  All evidence suggests that we have designed a modern culture that  generates tensions rather than releases them.

Reversing Reductionism and the Universal GirlBrain 

So how do we start solving problems for humanity again instead of making them?  Find a model of consciousness and crack the codes missing 96%.  Sounds easy enough?  NO. From the grail codes, the Kabbalah, DNA Sequencing, to M-theory. men have such to crack the non-physical unknown for   Millenia maybe the problem all wrong-sexed  instrument?  

Twelve years ago it struck me, in order to be statistically relevant I needed my own peer review group in oder to make the kind of difference I knew I could  I invited college age females who were also distressed over the direction culture was headed to join me.  We became first all-female peer review group.  The mission attracted 1500+ global participation representing most ever educational,  economic, racial, national ,  financial and religious  background. “Team Girl” was not willing to blindly accept, that the female minds were the same, let alone inferior instruments to men., or assume men were more capable at understanding natures deeper order. We all believed there was something untapped in us that was key to progress.  

Just as men did for 1000s of years,  we used own own god-given instrument to conduct empirically experiment.  Instead of throwing out the intrinsic feminine qualities -  intuition, feelings, sensuality, (the stuff Science rejected) —  we employed them as tools for prediction, analysis, and measurement.   

We’ve just concluded 3400+ days of  self-funded primary research. We have carried out over a thousand empirical experiments diagnosing and reframing a rich cross-section of culture. We’ve diagnosed hundreds of consumer industries,  exploring how each category directly effected our identity as well as our cognitive and perceptual, innovative potential. We repeated that process with education system institutions, public-policies, and even defense-strategies. 

We analyzed  dozens of  the most prominent  research strategy and design methods determining what data and causal factors they were the cutting room floor . And most importantly we reformed and correcting the foundational  scientific, economic and design paradigms. -  because in all fairness his tools were simply not performing.  To validate the profound  economic and cultural benefits of our claims  we executed dozens of  live market trials — doing the unthinkable — deriving tipping.  Human’s are so much smarter than we were told.  Locked in our bones is  untapped dimension of perception, discernment, prophecy, and creativity —  capacities  powerful enough  spawn new frontiers better than we dreamed


Reversing Reductionism with a Unified Mind

What specifically did we find inside our minds?  Here is a light taste. Females do not naturally distinguish between external and internal perceptions, that was taught. We girls can perceive, non-local, non-physical information fields.  This is skill that can be awaken and cultivated universally.

What science call feelings are in fact universal indicators that differentiate between what is harmonic — expands freedom and expression, and what’s discordant, traumatizing reductionism  Inner data is corrective and protect us from corrupted data in our environment. Locked within is directional drivers — powerful forces that express what is “needed” to expand both consciousness and in time/space. These are a goldmine for purposeful innovation, they can both diagnose and expand current industries or open up new markets. 

The inner mind reveals how we are part of an interconnect cross-fertilizing system.  It tells us how are thoughts create our reality, exposing a link between evolutionary biology and art(ifact).  Our Magnum Opus is a language / mathematics /process that allows people to universally model the data contained in these inners dimensions. It integrated new intelligence into the existing scientific paradigm.  This will be donated to the commons.

 Inner-codes are emergent.  They expresses parts of our fuller identities. Unlike matter science which highlights differences, this is a language of unification — I am that, a recognition of deeper self.  This work taught my global team that data that divides today is far less exciting the the lost frontiers expression that we share. Reductionism is severing the human bond.  Looking inward gave us a mechanism to refuse these connections recover a desperately human unity. 

Spirituality spoke in units of good or bad.  Ancient mystics spoke of  higher sates  of being, lost codes, transformational vessel, and fallen states.  They even spoke of a lost shared language — babel  These men were not entirely wrong, but could never create the ciphers to like spirituality with science.  Could it be that much like  with physical procreation , the most profound act’s of human conception — even that of the mind, by grand design, required both girl and boy.


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