Discussion on Feb 24, 2016

a steak. Each posed a particular context for their knotting: communication, the built environment, commerce and gastronomy. But each also begged to be explored through many realms.
Behind the scenes, Knotty Objects was a great opportunity to test the "bottom-up world-reading" approach. In Neri, Kevin, and my hands, the steak, the bitcoin, the brick, and the phone certainly implied sterotypical contexts, but also stood in as doors into entangled universes of meaning and questioning. This was shown in particular in four videos, each starring one of the objects. In two short minutes and a half, the phone led us to ponder issues related to manufacturing; market share and control of the product vs customization; the relationship between China factories and worldwide distribution; good design vs bad design, and much more (https://vimeo.com/134128443). The brick connected masonry (with a small 'm') to biology, moving through a connection between play, assemblage, and thinkering in fields ranging from toy design to electronic circuitry (https://vimeo.com/134128442).