The Journal of Design and Science (JoDS), a joint venture of the MIT Media Lab and the MIT Press, forges new connections between science and design, breaking down the barriers between traditional academic disciplines in the process. Targeting readers with open, curious minds, JoDS explores timely, controversial topics in science, design, and society with a particular focus on the nuanced interactions among them.

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Issue 5 of JoDS is now live

These 15 essays were finalist selections in the 2018 Resisting Reduction essay competition and are in conversation with Joi Ito’s manifesto by the same name. As each essay is published week by week, readers are encouraged to share and engage with the ideas put forward by their authors.

Issue 4 of JoDS is now live

12 September 2018

Issue four of JoDS, “Other Biological Futures,” explores biodesign, the design of, with, or from biology. Biodesign is being promoted by scientists and designers as an ecological remedy, a technological challenge, an economic opportunity, and a manufacturing and industrial revolution.Our editors for this issue, Dr. Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg and Natsai Audrey Chieza, ask whether biodesign in practice really can change things for the good.

“Resisting Reduction” Essay Competition Winners Announced

16 July 2018

After receiving over 260 abstract submissions, the JoDS editorial board has selected the ten winners of the “Resisting Reduction” essay competition. Winners were selected through a double-blind review process and the selections cover a range of disciplines and perspectives, from design to health, gender to morality. Read the winning essays here.

Image by Nick Philip
Image by Nick Philip

Forthcoming: Issue 4 “Other Biological Futures”

Issue 4 of The Journal of Design and Science - coming in September - addresses the cultural and technological conditions driving the emergent field of biodesign. Edited by Dr Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg and Natsai Audrey Chieza. Learn more about the issue here.

Issue 3 of JoDS is Now Live

5 February 2018

The third issue of JoDS, “Resisting Reduction,” looks at designing a complex and unknowable future with machines questioning theories such as Singularity and modern economic and market-based decision making. The essays, in conversation with Joi Ito’s manifesto “Resisting Reduction,” explore machine intelligence in light of diverse ecosystems in nature and its relationship to humanity.

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