gabriel licina 4/10/2016
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In which case, all things are derivative and there is nothing new. Sounds dull.
Luckily, with new tools we can actually trace back the particles of clay. Not just in a theory kind of way, but in a legitimate carbon dating, molecular marker kind of way. Which is, one could say, a very new and different way of creating information. The article speaks of a non human method of design. While this, like every single thing ever, comes from the base matter of the universe, using that as a metric for makes everything inconsequential. Fun for philosophy, but not great for designing houses, or music, or whatever.
What’s even more interesting is that the copyright system can be seen to be a capitalist conclusion from this “all things are beholden to the source” mentality, which I believe you are pointing out. The solutions to these issues are probably not that new (even those most mundane things have roots), but are exposed in those “Gods of the Copy Book Headings” that Kipling spoke of.
This discussion is licensed under Creative Commons. It’s not a new idea. It’s called sharing. I learned that before I could walk. We’ve just spent a long being taught how to not do that.
So, maybe there is nothing new, but at this point, it is pretty different.