Jon Leach 4/28/2016
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I think this is a truly great piece of work.
As someone who went to university as a prospective biochemist but ended up graduating in “HPS” (the History and Philsopy of Science") i love the scheme
I have a career in advertising where, to use your language, i bring the science and the engineering to the designers and artisists. And what we do is intensely utilitarian (“sell or else”, David Ogilvy) but has an effect on popular culture.
Finally, i have found myself needing to sharpen my design skills and even my artistic skills as my trade become more entangled. I need to this to help make the knotty objects today.
While i like the model and the energy (inc. gyroscope) analogy i see it (also) as a carousel. You can feel the energy at any point and - crucially - you can add energy to it at any point. Arguably, you must add it at several points.
I think Krebs is actually a circular but ultimately linea “factory” where acetyl choline (from sugar, fats etc.) is fed in at one end to spit out ATP (the universal energy chemical) at the other, and then by a circular path the factory resets. i.e. it has in and an out doors.
I think the beauty of your system is that there is no prescribed in or out. Any of the four domains could be (should be) the input or the output. It really is a Circle of Life.
Great stuff…