Paul T. Kidd 3/14/2016
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All roads lead to the “Bermuda Quadrilateral.”[4] In 2007, John Maeda proposed a diagram under this name, based on the “Rich Gold matrix.”[5] The map—a rectangular plot—was parceled into four quadrants, each devoted to a unique view by which to read, and act upon, the world: Science, Engineering, Design and Art. According to Maeda, to each plot a designated mission: to Science, exploration; to Engineering, invention; to Design, communication; to Art, expression. Describing the four “hats” of creativity, Rich Gold had originally drawn the matrix-as-cartoon to communicate four discrete embodiments of creativity and innovation. Mark your mindset, conquer its little acre, and settle in. Gold’s view represents four ways-of-being that are distinctly different from one another, separated by clear intellectual boundaries and mental dispositions. Like the Four Humors, each is regarded as its own substance, to each its content and its countenance. Stated differently, if you’re a citizen in one, you’re a tourist in another.
if you’re a citizen in one, you’re a tourist in another
I know the feeling - in fact if you try to operate in two areas, those in one area will say that “you are not one of us, you are one of them”, while in the other area they will say “you are not one of us, you are one of them.” And so you learn that this is indeed the case and that you are in fact a person from the ‘spaces between spaces’, and few if any will be able to understand you.