Max Shen 2/25/2016
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The creation of knotty objects is just as knotty. In fact, the techniques to create them, as well as their ultimate physical expression, are intellectual mirror images of each other: the process reflects the knottiness of their related products. Bluntly, a knotty creator must simultaneously occupy all four domains of the KCC, and bring together insights that are as profoundly scientific as they are artistically insightful.
The creation of knotty objects is just as knotty.
This does not strike me as true. It is known that Satoshi Nakamoto had a decent idea about the potential social impact that Bitcoin would have, and perhaps smartphone manufacturers had dreams of the kind of global influence they could have, but I don’t think the ancient invention of the brick requires a “knotty creator”.
As defined, all objects are knotty. That is fundamental beauty and truth of our reality. It doesn’t require a “knotty creator” to create knotty objects - one may mindlessly produce trash, but it may be a knotty piece of gold to others.